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Lathe Turning
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Lathe Tools

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Figure 12-3. There are four basic types of lathe tools: (A) the gouge, (B) the roundnose chisel, (C) the skew chisel, and (D) the parting tool.

There are four basic tools that you need when doing lathe work (Figure 12-3).

  • Gouges are used to round the stock and to make concave curves called “coves,” mostly in spindle turning.
  • Roundnose chisels are also used to make coves, mostly in faceplate turning.
  • Skew chisels are used to make convex curves called “beads.” They can also be used to cut straight or tapered cylinders.
  • Parting tools are used mostly for sizing and parting operations.

A basic lathe tool set includes 1" and 1/2" gouges, a 1/2" round-nose chisel, a 1" skew chisel, and a 1/8" parting tool. These five tools can be used for all types of turning.

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